Free city of Zadena


Zadena was founded at the base of a volcano, on very rich and fertile lands, just off the coast of Aurelia by one of the original families. Early on, the volcano erupted and wiped out a substantial portion of the family's holdings, including most of the family itself, leaving only a few who had been attending King's College at the time. When they returned they found their people surviving, and within a few years they had rebuilt the town.

The family did not refuse help from anyone, and allowed all sorts of miscreants to settle in their lands on 2 conditions:

1) The island of Zadena was to be neutral from any bloodshed.

2) Zadena got a cut of whatever was happening.

In turn the families took the illicit funds, not asking where it came from, and fed it back into Zadena, rapidly turning it into a thriving city outside the normal bounds of morality. So valued is the freedom provided by Zadena that, when threatened, disparate pirate groups, mercenaries and the Thieves' Guild have all come together in its defence.

While rebuilding a network of tunnels and buried structures were found in a number of styles, remnants of other cities buried by the volcano. Zadena now utilises these tunnels, the city now built upwards as well as outwards, as a framework for dark internal mechanisms.

Free city of Zadena

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