The Province of Aurea


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Capital City: Bridgetown (Capital of the Kingdom of Aurelia)

 Other major areas: Meriport, Ibrison, barrows


  • Built at a confluence of rivers and rail lines, at the site of the first landing of Silas Aurelius. Known for a large number of bridges and man-made islands. Each of the main bridges represent a different aspect of the Commonwealth civilisation – commerce, beauty, science, industry, government.
  • Bridgetown also holds the seat of the Church of the Allfather, and the main cathedral, as well as the Royal Palace and the Hall of Kings – the seat of government.
  • The royal barrows lie just outside the city. They are not visibly guarded, but have never been looted.
  • Off the coast of the city is a small island and tomb, called the House of Dust and Ash. It was built by the Haarlock line and the tomb of Erasmus Haarlock dominates the structure, which is now used as an auction house and mausoleum for the super rich, and overseen by a group of caretakers who live on the island.



  •  A major port in the south of the province, it mainly serves as a meeting point for farmers and merchants, and a layover for sailors going around the continent.


  • The main port for those looking to get to King’s College, and a port where Siren gets food supplies. For this reason there is both an increased guard presence, and an increased Thieves’ Guild presence. Both sides have established a working relationship.
  • Haarlock's Folly, a tall mysterious tower, exists on a bluff just outside the city, close to the water.


King’s College of Magic

  • Established on an island off the coast of Ibrison, in the midst if very sharp rocks, for 2 reasons: 1, to ensure the safety of those studying on the island; 2, to ensure the safety of those off the island if something went wrong.
  • A very specific path must be taken to the island to avoid the rocks.


Major industries

Due to the large , fertile plains to the north of Bridgetown this province has many farms, and exports crops to other provinces. Horses are raised and trained in the hills, and a decent logging industry exists outside of Meriport.

The Province of Aurea

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