The Province of Ferrea


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Capital city: Hightown

Other major areas: Newtown, Aes Peninsula


  • A city dedicated to refining the produce of Hightown, high in the mountains. It sits at the base of the mountain, connected by cablecar and freight line to Hightown.


  • Fairly new city hanging to the side of a mountain/cliffs. Built around a mining operation in the mountain, accessible to airships. A freight line runs down the mountain to Newtown, delivering ore. Utilitarian city, practical housing. City is made by and for builders and miners, so it’s very sturdy. Includes caves (man-made and natural).

Aes Peninsula

  • The land north of Hightown is known as the Aes Peninsula, and is largely uncivilised. Towns do exist, but they are self-sufficient and exist in such hardship that they almost never see government officials. While technically in the control of the provincial government, this area is not relied on for anything.

Keep Kenilworth

  • A large keep close to Bridgetown, at the junction of waterways and rail lines. This is the army training school, and tent cities are set up nearby.

Major industries

While it may look as if there's huge amounts of land, the majority of it is unusable for crops. Ferrea is self-sustaining, but only barely.

The Province of Ferrea

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