The Province of Natrea


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Capital city: Hapsburg



  • A city that has sprung up around the castle Hapsburg. The city is fairly new, rebuilt across the river from the original province capital when a massive flood wiped it out. Rather than rebuild where it was, an entrepreneur named Quentin Hapsburg, with a tower across the river, offered his services designing a new city with improvements centred on his castle, which was being used to power the existing city with electricity. As this city was built around his castle it gained the name ‘Hapsburg’. The city resembles a wheel with spokes.
  • Castle Hapsburg is an impenetrable castle, walls reinforced by magic,  guarded by golems.


  • Nominally a stronghold to keep watch on the volcano, this castle has been bought and claimed by Anton and Piper Trask, scientists and wizards.

Major industries

Natrea is about as prosperous as a province can be, with large fields for crops and forests for logging. As the centre point of the rail line between the east and west provinces Hapsburg is also a major trading hub.

A small freshwater fishing industry exists on the lake, though this is largely for specialty fish shipped to nobles.

The Province of Natrea

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