The Province of Aurea


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Capital City: Bridgetown (Capital of the Kingdom of Aurelia)

 Other major areas: Meriport, Ibrison, barrows


  • Built at a confluence of rivers and rail lines, at the site of the first landing of Silas Aurelius. Known for a large number of bridges and man-made islands. Each of the main bridges represent a different aspect of the Commonwealth civilisation – commerce, beauty, science, industry, government.
  • Bridgetown also holds the seat of the Church of the Allfather, and the main cathedral, as well as the Royal Palace and the Hall of Kings – the seat of government.
  • The royal barrows lie just outside the city. They are not visibly guarded, but have never been looted.



  •  A major port in the south of the province, it mainly serves as a meeting point for farmers and merchants, and a layover for sailors going around the continent.


  • The main port for those looking to get to King’s College, and a port where Siren gets food supplies. For this reason there is both an increased guard presence, and an increased Thieves’ Guild presence. Both sides have established a working relationship.


King’s College of Magic

  • Established on an island off the coast of Ibrison, in the midst if very sharp rocks, for 2 reasons: 1, to ensure the safety of those studying on the island; 2, to ensure the safety of those off the island if something went wrong.
  • A very specific path must be taken to the island to avoid the rocks.


Major industries

Due to the large , fertile plains to the north of Bridgetown this province has many farms, and exports crops to other provinces. Horses are raised and trained in the hills, and a decent logging industry exists outside of Meriport.

The Province of Aurea

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