The Province of Stibia


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Capital city: Sale


Other major areas: University of Sale, Loln



  • A fairly lacklustre city that serves reasonably as a hub for merchants and farmers, but is mostly in service of the University.


University of Sale

  • The main drawcard of this side of the country. Everything is taught, in one form or another, aside from magic. Almost all teachers come to the University at some stage, and while there are other universities in the country this is by far the most prestigious.



  • A port city and a centre for deep sea fishing. The fish market at Loln is renowned for its lively bidding, and for its smell.

Major industries

Fertile land exists by the river, and the province is self-sufficient to the point of export – it is know for its orchards and fresh fruit. A small industry in Sale Marble, from the hills south of Sale, provides high-quality stone to the rest of the Commonwealth.

The Province of Stibia

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